Saturday, March 30, 2013

Days like Today

Days like today make me reconsider my decision to spend time at home this summer.  While I know I need the break, I will miss my friends an awful lot.

I woke up before the sun (again!) for my usual bowl of oats, lemon water, and coffee.  After doing some blogging and letting breakfast digest, I set out to meet my running club for a long run!

I had 15 miles on the agenda, but I figured that doing 14 (12 with the club + 1 to meet them and 1 back) was good enough.  It was a great run!  There were some parts where we were really pushing the pace, but I felt totally fine!  I think my awesome new shoes and elongated sleeping patterns helped.  Throughout the run, I just kept thinking ... ok, so now only 16 miles to go and it's a marathon!

After retrieving my laundry from the now-opened laundry room, taking a shower, and flopping for a while; I headed to campus to pick up some coursebooks and help my friend move into her new housing assignment.  She didn't enjoy apartment style living, so she reassigned back to campus for the spring.  I think it was a good choice for her.

We hung out, chatted for awhile, then headed out to a nearby town to pick up some take-out.  We ended up grabbing some pho.  I'm now obsessed with Asian noodles!

I only snapped a picture of the broth because there were these weird, well, my friend called them a rather inappropriate-for-the-blog body part, but I'll just go with 'things' floating in it.  Any ideas?  I know it wasn't meat.

Stuffed to the brim, we watched some episodes of Scrubs (I still don't understand the obsession with this show) and called it a night.

I really want to spend more time with my friends this spring.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my work and stress that I hermitize in my misery.  They always make me feel happy :)

Do you like pho?
Are you a fan of Scrubs?

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