Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life Gets in the Way

When I restarted this blog after my Russia adventures this past autumn, I intended for it to become an enjoyable part of my daily routine.  However, as is evidenced by my online silence and complete lack of a single post since January; schoolwork, running, and trying to "figure out my life" - a phrase I have said all too often these past few months - took priority.

Had I maintained my little healthy-living blog, you would have witnessed many not-so-healthy times.  This past semester, I did not sleep enough, I mindlessly ate way too much, I gained some weight, I lost some muscle, and I had a mental breakdown that prompted me to call my mom in tears approximately every week.

Now, I have two weeks of spring break ahead of me.  I finished my final final - haha :] - yesterday.  I plan to use this time to rest, reinvigorate, and reconnect with the healthy-living blog world and "the good life."

Welcome Back!

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