Monday, March 25, 2013

Marvelous Monday

After a few days of rather heavy posts, I've decided to lighten things up around here and celebrate ...

Marvelous Monday!

I admit, though, that getting out of bed this morning was a less than marvelous experience.  I had wanted to get a run in pre-breakfast, but my stomach demanded otherwise.  So, I ended up eating my typical pre-run snack of crackers spread with my new addiction, Sunflower Butter, and sprinkled with raisins; and a half a banana smeared with more Sunflower Butter; and then, just going back for my normal breakfast.  Apparently, my Jet Fuel K-Cups failed to propel me out the door.

My normal breakfast was pretty marvelous though!  Oats in an Almond Butter Jar!  I snapped a picture after I ate it.

When I did finally get moving, I knew I was in for a marvelous day. 

I love the Bay Area.  Winter is the equivalent of an east coast fall, and is gone by March.  I've been running in shorts and a tank-top for weeks now!

I was only up for an easy 5 miler, so I ran the loop around campus at a recovery pace.  Those 21 miles on Saturday, great as they were, really did me in.

I totally zoned out on my run.  I'm not sure what I was thinking about, but for once it wasn't how much my feet hurt thanks to my new shoes!  For awhile now I've been dealing with foot pain on the ball of my right foot.  I've tried orthotics, rolling my foot on a tennis ball, and self-massage, but the pain didn't go away.  After this weekend's long run, I couldn't wait to take off my shoes and walk around.  I figured that this was a sign my feet wanted less rigidity every now and then.  So, I bought some Asics Lyte33s yesterday at Fleet Feet.  They feel great! 

I will still use my Asics Gel Neos for most of my training, but I like having the Lytes as an option.

After my run, I refueled with some tempeh and hummus and a few bites of butternut squash, changed clothes, and hopped on my bike to go to yoga.

I haven't been to yoga in awhile, but I want that to change!  Yoga is a great total body strengthener.  With my taper beginning, I really want to focus on overall strength.  Maybe I will get abs?  Hah.  Doubtful.

Yoga kicked my butt, though it left me with a great post-yoga buzz.  I took advantage of my renewed energy and location and did some errands downtown, which included a stop at the Whole Foods hot bar for a salad snack.  Yum.

Then, I went home to try my hand at making the Forks Over Knives Broccoli Rice Casserole.  We don't own a really good blender, just a small one, so I had quite the struggle trying to blend the No Cheese Sauce.

Finally, it worked!

While I waited for the casserole to cook, I steamed some vegetables and made a salad.  Does anyone else eat while they cook?  Sometimes I swear that for every freshly cut piece that goes into the bowl, one piece goes into my mouth.  I should probably stop this habit as it certainly doesn't align with my mindful eating goals.

The casserole turned out beautifully!  And tasted quite good too!  Next time though, I will use more broccoli.

Now, I'm going to curl up on the couch with a mug of decaf coffee and maybe a sweet treat of some sort and find a movie to watch online.

I hope your Monday was marvelous too!  

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