Sunday, April 7, 2013

One of Those Days

Since I'm taking four days off of running to prevent a potential injury flare up, I have been rather unproductive lately.  Yesterday was certainly one of those days.  And by 'those,' I mean, I woke up, ate my usual bowl of Ezekiel Cereal and promptly went back to my room with my Economics readings and didn't get out of my pajamas for most of the day (you could say whole day if you consider yoga pants to be pajamas).

While reading yesterday morning, I actually fell back asleep again!  For anyone who knows me, I never take naps.  Ever.

I spent the rest of the early afternoon belaboring an essay assignment that should have been done in an hour tops.  It's still not done as I type this.

I gave up trying to write around 2:00 and watched The Art of Getting By for some seriously mindless entertainment. I love a good boy-meets-girl-and-you-find-yourself romance, but this one was really dull.  I stuck with it until my roommate wanted to know if I would accompany her on some errands.  Leaving the apartment would require putting on some clothes ... but luckily I had a clean pair of yoga pants!  So, I went.
Fresh air does the body and mind wonders.

When we returned, I wrote a few more sentences on my essay and then finished reading this book.
For anyone who wants to get back into writing or just write better, I would highly recommend it!  I have a notebook full of scribbled notes and tips and even a story idea!  Now, I just need to write it.  Writing is the hard part, as is evidenced by my unfinished essay.  Speaking of which, I should probably get back to that right now.

Hopefully, I will be able to run on Monday!  My life just isn't the same without it.  At least it gets me out of my pajamas everyday.

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