Friday, April 12, 2013

Lucky Girl

New York City was my first stop on my journey up to Boston for the Marathon!

I took the train up to visit my sister who is a freshman at Columbia University.  We had tickets to see a new show, Lucky Guy.

Before the show, we had dinner at Franchia, a vegan Asian-Fusion cafe.  Highlights of the dinner included:
Persimmon Tea!
Papaya Kimchi Salad
Vegetarian Bimbimbap

...and a delicious unpictured Blueberry Coconut Cake.

We were running late for the show, so we took a cab.  Once inside the cab, my sister realized she forgot the tickets!  Don't take this as me being mean, but sometimes I wonder how she functions.  She has no sense of direction and forgets things with an alarming frequency.

I called the theatre and they were able to print the tickets for us.  Phew!  Even though we missed the first fifteen minutes, Lucky Guy was an amazing show!  I absolutely loved it!

Afterwards, I crashed.  But, I didn't sleep well.  New York is a very loud (and grey!  Just look at the pictures!) city.

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