Friday, April 5, 2013

I Don't Know What to Do

As some of you may know, I was injured last summer with severe IT band issues. And now, with 9 days to go until the Boston Marathon, I fear they are returning.

As much as I love my new shoes, I think I will switch back to my old ones for the remainder of training. Perhaps my new ones don't have the support I need, or perhaps I jumped into such a minimal shoe too soon, or perhaps I did too many hills.

Whatever the reason, the side of my left knee is currently throbbing.

I have one more long run of 12 miles, and a handful of 5 milers. Do I run them? Do I skip them? Do I elliptical them?

Thoughts? Experiences? Advice?


  1. I think the best thing you can do is listen. Your body will tell you what it needs. As frustrating as it is to lay off a little bit when you don't want to, I think it's truly what we need sometimes. (And if your body is telling you it's okay to go for it, listen to that, too!)
    When I was training for my half, I got really sick about a week before my race. I sat around for 3-4 days, absolutely no training at all. I took the next few runs that were leading up to the race really easy, too (sometimes just a mile or two). And you know what? I was okay, but I think if I would've pushed it when I needed rest, my body would have slowed down it's healing process because I was exerting it in other places.
    Hope that makes sense! Take care, and remember to do what you need to do for your body! :) Have a great weekend, girlie!

    1. Thanks so much! I plan on taking 4 days off I think and foam rolling a ton. I'm glad your half turned out well even after being sick!