Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm Taking a Break from Packing

My flight leaves tomorrow!

Before the marathon, I will be spending a day at home, a day visiting my sister in New York City, and a few days of downtime in Boston with my family.  I decided to take time off from school before the marathon rather than after because I really need to calm down.  I have been an anxious mess recently.  Spending time with my family will allow me to relax (as much as one can possibly relax before a marathon) and get some needed rest.

An update on my leg:
I haven't run on it yet.  I plan to run on it Thursday morning since I have an appointment with a sports masseuse for later that day.  My IT band bothered me yesterday, but I haven't felt anything today!  I think it will be fine by Marathon Monday, it just gave me quite a scare.  

Here is the current state of my suitcase:

I'm almost all packed.  I'm still not sure what I want to wear for my marathon yet, though.  I guess I'll gauge the weather when I get there.

What are your plans for the Boston Marathon weekend?
What do you like to wear when you race?

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  1. So excited for you to run!! And I can't wait to hear how it goes! I'll be sending you good thoughts for your stress levels and IT band :) Have a great time, and soak it all in!