Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Weeks Fly By

Sorry for being M.I.A. lately.  The weeks have just been flying by.  I have about one month left of my junior year of college.  Only one month?!  Crazy.  Time to live it up and work hard!  <- Are those two things even possible to do simultaneously?

Today also marks the one month anniversary of the 2013 Boston Marathon.  After the marathon, I spent about a week parked on the couch catching up on schoolwork and then another week doing some yoga.  But then, it was time for The Relay!  My friends and I had an awesome time on this insane 200 mile event.  I also used it as a way to jump-start my exercise regime.
With no real races on the horizon, I have been focusing on becoming a stronger runner.  For me, this means diversifying my workouts and including more strength training and yoga.  I have also been "retaking my mornings."  In order to make the most of my time, I really need a set schedule.  Sophomore year, I would be up at 6:15 everyday and out the door for my run by 7:15.  This year, partially because of general exhaustion and partially - though I hate to say it - because of my light-sleeping roommate, I fell off this routine.  With such an erratic student schedule already, I need all the constants in my life I can get.

This is the workout routine I am currently pursuing:
Sunday: Yoga
Monday: Run
Tuesday: AM Spin Class + little ab workout, PM gentle yoga
Wednesday: Run
Thursday: AM Spin Class + little ab workout
Friday: Run
Saturday: Longer Run with the Running Club

It's nearly 7:15!  Gotta run!

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