Thursday, January 3, 2013


Welcome to Loving the Good Life, a blog dedicated to my journey as I revive my appreciation for the significance of the present moment.

As a twenty-one year old college student, I am at an exciting time in my life. Sheltered by my university, yet learning about the realities of the world, I am in the middle of what everyone tells me will be “the best time of my life.” ”Enjoy these four years,” they say, “because they will go by too fast.” I want to heed their advice. I want to make the most of my time here. Yet, far too often, I stress about the “little things,” the petty matters of my day-to day life. What will I have for dinner? Should I buy this shirt? When will I fit my workout in? I become so wrapped up in these trivial concerns that I neglect to recognize and take advantage of the blessings and possibilities of the everyday. I forget to just be and enjoy the moment.

With this blog, I hope to reawaken an enthusiasm for the everyday and re-inspire a love for the good things in my life.

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